Alliance Shorties are shorts related to The Alliance of Super Girls fanon. These are shorts that are not episode-length, but rather mini-episodes inspired by the 3rd season of Atomic Betty.

The shorts will be in all 3 seasons of the Alliance fanon.

Season 1 Shorties

  • City Tour-After forming the Alliance, Casey gives Jessie, Betty, and Violet a tour of Corpus Christi, but they deal with not only annoying tourists, but hungry seagulls as well!
  • Headquarter Improvment Made Easy-Shortly after the Alliance finally built their own HQ, the girls head over to Home Square to buy stuff to deccorate their rooms, as well as going to several superhero stores.

Season 2 Shorties

  • Getting Acustomed to Earth-After the Terror Triplets land on Earth, they try to learn how Earth is different than their home planet.
  • Taking Over-After the Terror Triplets take over the Anti-Alliance, the triplet princesses make the other members to perform tasks.

Season 3 Shorties

  • What Cats Do-Following her crushing defeat, Nemisis AS finds out on Earth what cats do, as well as seeing movie and TV cats.(NOTE-This Shortie contains cameos from other cartoon cats like Sylvester, Garfield, etc.)
  • The Perfect Raft-Before the Alliance goes on their camping trip with Jessie's family, the girls try to find a raft to take with them. (NOTE-Ling Ling from the Drawn Together universe makes a cameo as a raft choice, to which Betty scolds Casey for trying to choose him because to Betty, "He may have fleas or germs!")

Special Shorties

The following shorties will also be featured in Alliance specials as well.

  • Have I Seen You Before?-After their victory over the Pastmaster, several Alliance members are suprised by the SwatKATS being in Alliance HQ, which prompt them, did they escape from their DVD? (NOTE-This shortie is a reference to the avalibility of the SwatKATS show on DVD, which is a Warner Archive made-to-order DVD release.)
  • KALI- While the heroes battled it out, several Alliance members start up their own radio station, KALI.
  • Know Your Alliances- A parody on educational films that were shown in schools, this "film" showcases the many Alliances that appeared in Worlds Collide! III.
  • The Netflix Song- After Noah wakes up from his Twin Peaks dream, the others tell him not to eat seafood and drink milk while watching Netflix by going into song. (NOTE-This shortie will be shown after Twin Geeks!. )

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