AB Cruiser
Atomic Betty Cruiser.png
Designed: September 6th, 2003
Manufactured: September 6th 2004
Industry: Galactic Parts
  • Laser Blasters
  • Robotic Arm
  • Duel Blasters (Upgraded Ship)
Operator: Atomic Betty
  • My Ship
  • Star Ship
  • Cruiser
Faction: Galactic Guardians
Creator: Rob Davies
Years Active: 2004 - Present
Created By: Trevor Bentley

The AB Cruiser also known as Atomic Betty's Starcruiser is her spaceship that she uses to transport her and her crew on missions. It comes equipped with various gadgets and defenses. In Mission: Earth, the Starcruiser can now transform into a bus mode in order to better blend in on Earth.

Atomic Betty's cruiser is known to be the only match against the MR.43, as it was the first and only known ship to bring down the 43 during the Galactic Crusade in the year 2007.

The ship played a vital role in the Star Conflict, with Atomic Betty working alongside both Mega Jerora Roran and Baloo Von Bruinwald, where the three friends eventually became identified as the Higher Guardians, due to much team effort that they've done during the conflict. However Atomic Betty's cruiser despite its past sudden victory against the 43 in 2007's Galactic Crusade, the ship itself was still not fast or maneuverable enough to catch the 43, as it was identified 11 years later in 2017, that the ship would finally be given a new makeover.

The AB Cruiser, was upgraded to the designs of the 43, that was salvaged from the 43 in 2007, at the end of the Crusade, and was morphed into the metal of the ship, which eventually following their own basic designs X-5 was able to mimic the same abilities to Atomic Betty's Cruiser from the MR.43, and from 2017, to the present Atomic Betty's ship was eventually upgraded to the point that nothing in the galaxy not even the 43, would be able to outrun.

Despite the new Upgrade to her cruiser, Atomic Betty never abuses the ship, and only uses the Upgrade when an emergency is imminent, or if she and her crew would have to chase down Mega in the 43.

New Upgrade & Attachments

Atomic Betty's ship 10 years after the Star Conflict, was designed and developed with state of the art technology used in order to compete and catch the Moral Raider 43...

About 10 years following the Star Conflict, and 11 years since her first encounter with Mega Jerora Roran in 2007, Atomic Betty, was often sent to stop Mega on multiple criminal recorded activities, when it came to either playing music too loud in a public area in space, flying in restricted airspace without a permit or even going as far as to taking matters into his own hands and attacking multiple bad sections of Space.

During the course of the 10 years, Atomic Betty's cruiser, was often easily out matched by the 43, due to it's speed and mobility allowing Mega to easily escape Betty and her crew every time they confronted him, for a wrong that he had been doing in the galaxy that he never knew about. Eventually after having to lose him multiple times during hot pursuits in space, Cadet Noah eventually came up with the idea to upgrade the AB Ship in an attempt to make it more stronger and faster than ever before, however Atomic Betty remained hesitant at first, and didn't like the idea, but after losing Mega again, this time over Mobius, she eventually decided to try Noah's plan and give her cruiser some new attachments and weapons.

Armed with stronger armor, and a much faster engine, Atomic Betty's cruiser, was eventually attached with 4 extra cannons, and retractable wings which allow the ship to maneuver quicker and much more faster, then how it used to be. Also equipped with special shielding deflector generators which were part of the wing installment, alongside state of the art EMP laser cannons that were also apart of the new cannon installments to the wing sections. Atomic Betty and her crew after testing out the wings and laser guns, eventually tested the ship against the 43, where during their flight testing outside Novas 8, noticed the ship flying through towards the cloud like rings of Novas. The fight caught Mega by surprise and for the first time, on October 1st, 2017, Atomic Betty and her crew were finally able to keep up with the 43, and disable it, mimicking its abilities and even going as far as to dodging the ship's Death cutters.

Mega following this sudden attack became shocked at Betty's newly designed cruiser, and since then, was forced to stop flying through restricted airspace, where Betty stated that he had nowhere to run now, her ship is the same as his now, and can duplicate every move and evasion ability as the 43 now.



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